March 06, 2010


For my birthday, my dear friend Nicole gave me Domino: The Book of Decorating. What a great gift! Unfortunately, Domino magazine is no longer in publication but this book served up great design ideas we used to find in the magazine. I've rounded up some of my favorites here. Note: the pictures don't necessarily go with the tips; I just thought these pictures were lovely and wanted to share.

• Make an inspiration board – clip magazines, pull paint chips, look online to help you determine common elements that define your style. (Want a cute way to display your clippings? See the Clip It On post).

• Assess your assets – raid the basement, closets and under the beds!
1. "Photograph everything (yes, everything!) in your home – furniture, rugs, lamps, art – and lay out the images. Seeing each peace in isolation gives you distance and makes it easier to decide whether it passes your style filter.

2. "Sort your pictures into four groups: keep, change (paint, reupholster), give away, sell.

3. "Measure all the things you’re keeping you’ll know exactly what can work where when you’re devising floor plans. Note: very helpful when merging households and all the things you’ve amassed over the years."

• Dress up the stairs. Carpet open stairs with a patterned carpet or paint a stair runner with high gloss paint and a decorative border.

• Use two coffee tables instead of one for a twist.

• Framing wallpaper is an inexpensive way to create art.

• Bedside tables and lamps don’t need to come in pairs. If you have matching tables, try two different lamps or vice versa. Or mix and match both!

• Try a bold wallpaper in a small space, like a powder room or foyer, for big impact.

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