March 25, 2010

Roasted shrimp and broccoli with orzo and feta

Looking for something light to make for supper as the weather warms up? Look no further!

I made this delicious and simple supper a few weeks ago when Mama and Leigh were in town for wedding dress shopping. There was lots of SEC basketball to watch, so I wanted to something quick, healthy and tasty. Enter…roasted shrimp and broccoli with orzo and feta.

Roasting is my go-to method for all veggies and also for shrimp. High temperatures (about 425), olive oil, salt and pepper, and you're done!

But we’ll walk through it…

Gather your ingredients: peeled shrimp, broccoli, orzo and feta. (Exactly what’s in the title of the recipe. Just trying to keep it simple, gang.)

First up: get the broccoli roasting. Preheat oven to 425, drizzle olive oil over broccoli and season generously with salt and pepper. Note: broccoli really cooks down, so prepare more than you think you’ll need.

Roast for about 15-17 minutes, stir, then add the shrimp to the baking sheet (with another drizzle of oil, then salt and pepper the shrimp). Roast for an additional 6 minutes.

In the meantime, prepare some orzo (rice-shaped pasta). Reserve a little of the cooking liquid in case you need it to loosen up the dish.

Once shrimp are cooked through and orzo is al dente, you're ready to assemble! Squeeze a lemon over the shrimp and broccoli, then combine with cooked orzo. Crumble some feta cheese in, mix, and taste for seasoning.

I served our supper with a ripe avocado for some southern California flare. Delicious!

So what’s on your menu for spring?


  1. I thought I commented on this...but it seems to have not made it.

    Anyway, this looks great! It's prefect timing b/c I've been craving a seafood dish. This has been added to next week's menu!

  2. Made this last night. I added some mushrooms that I had on hand and let the shrimp marinate a few minutes in olive oil and garlic. So good! Danny loved it. Thanks for the dinner inspiration!