December 01, 2010

DIY Designing: Cork Board

This is the perfect time of year for this DIY project. Why? Because (hopefully) you're celebrating often and drinking lots of wine!

I've been collecting corks for quite some time now to make this cute board. Mama was even sending me some out to Colorado so I could wrap this project up. Originally I had planned to make this to hang in the kitchen. But then I moved to Colorado and into a house with very few interior walls on the first floor. So now it's going in my office. Yay!

1. Gather corks.

Cork Board 005 Medium Web view

Lots and lots of cork.
Cork Board 006 Medium Web view

2. You'll also need a frame of sorts. I used a frame that no longer had any glass in it. Want to know why there's no glass? Because I was drinking a glass of wine on my birthday and accidentally knocked the glass off the table. Seem like a loss? At least I got a cork out of it!
Cork Board 003 Medium Web view

3. Take the time to lay out your pattern. More than likely you'll have several corks of the same brand, and you surely don't want a cork board with two brands side by side.
Cork Board 008 Medium Web view

4. Now we come to the incredibly not fun part: gluing more than 100 corks one by one onto the board with hot glue. Don't try to glue more than one cork at once. Evil things happen.
Cork Board 011 Medium Web view

5. Keep gluing until you are done. Which will take a while.
Cork Board 009 Medium Web view

6. Then hang on the wall.
Cork Board 012 Medium Web view

And months of collecting and hours of gluing later, you've got a darling cork board.

P.S. Coming soon! The reveal of my new home office. Just need to sew the curtains, and we're good to go!

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  1. It looks wonderful! Are the black corks from Black Swan (aka best wine ever)?