September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy first day of fall! I should be posting a picture of a lovely fall scene, but this week's Friday picture is of a tomato that I grew. In fact, it's the only tomato I grew.

Late February/early March I planted some seeds and put them on the window sill to get my bountiful garden started early. I nurtured those seedlings like they were my own children for weeks before I moved them outside where they could flourish in the warm Colorado sunshine.

I watered diligently, fertilized with organic products, and took care that no bugs or bunnies would harm my plants.

All in all I would guess I spent a total of 30 hours caring for the plants. To yield one tomato.

But what a beaut.

From Musings photos


  1. I have yet to successfully grow tomatoes of any kind...but my basil and mint has done really well this year! Congrats on your little bebe!

  2. I grew a few different kinds, and successfully produced quite a few. But the squirrels. The squirrels mocked me by stealing the tomatoes, eating only a few bites, and generally chucking them out of trees.