October 13, 2010

New header, same name

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for the blog name!

After careful consideration, I decided to keep the same name. But as you can see from the middle photo on the new header, my new front porch in Denver could use some sprucing up. I like the pumpkin I put out, but other than that, it is a bit lackluster.

I would like a little bench, bright paint on doors, maybe new numbers? Stayed tuned to see updates to the front porch and the rest of the house!


  1. The doors does need some work. Good thing you watch so much HGTV. Can't wait to see the update!

  2. Paint the doors! I'm dying to paint mine.

    Fun fact about pumpkins: You can soak them in bleach and spray them with a bleach solution to slow down the decomposing process. Also, they make delicious pumpkin butter (sans bleach - recipe coming soon on Wanted).