October 07, 2010

a rose by any other name

So here is the next big question. Should the name of this blog stay the same, Musings from the Front Porch? Or does a new mailing address + time zone + no humidity = an updated title?

Musings from the New Front Porch? Musings from the Rockies? Front Stoop Scoop?

Please leave a comment and let me know your vote on what to do with the name! Results (and a new header to boot) will be revealed next week.


  1. Do you have a front porch at your new home? I think a name change could be confusing for your brand (would the blog address change too?) - but a new header is certainly in order.

  2. I agree with Roommate. Can't change the name now. Plus, the original is so good! I wouldn't change the banner, either, since you're moving back so soon.

  3. How about , standing on my front porch facing west; I can see a long way.