October 11, 2010

Tips, Tidbits & Tricks: Planting Bulbs

- The hyacinth is named after Hyacinthus from Greek mythology.

- Plant spring-flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinth) in the fall because they require a sustained dormant period to stimulate root development.

Image: telegraph.co.uk

- Bulbs must be planted before first frost.

- Store bulbs in a cool (50 – 60 degrees) , dry place.

- Plant bulbs in small clusters or large beds for a more dramatic effect.

Image: pbs.org

- Space large bulbs 3-10 inches apart and small bulbs 1-2 inches a part.

- Plant with pointed side of the bulb up.

- The Assyrians used lilies to cure infections and, when mixed with honey, to remove facial wrinkles.

- Lay out the bulbs before you start digging. You'll be able see if you have spaced them appropriately for the bed and can create custom designs.

- Rake fall leaves over your bulb bed for some extra bedding.

- Tulips were in cultivation in Turkey as early as 1000 CE. They first appeared in England in 1578.

Image: whiteflowerfarm.com

- I just planted 50 daffodil bulbs this weekend. More to come!


  1. Those don't look like your hands!

  2. They aren't! That is why the photo credit is from a British newspaper.